Much ado about nothing

There comes a time in every old man’s life when he choses to abandon the noise and bustle of the city (or even small town) for the quiet solitude of the mountains. The only real question is how to justify that change. Well, the truth is, there’s no way to justify it. You can only make it flush left or flush right or centered. Is that any way for a website to look, I ask you.

Take this moose, for example. Missus Moose, we’ll call her. Nothing to do but laze around in the daisies all day while Mister Moose mopes around the meadow. And where do we go from there? Still looking for an excuse for all this, a reason to keep on keeping on, to keep on clicking “Preview” or “Publish,” and then choose “Private” or “Public,” as if there’s any real reason to do this if it’s always going to be private. But before it’s public, I want to make sure no one can hack my pretty whatchamacallits.